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This page features my positions on issues relevant to the community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below. These are just a few of the issues that I will address. There will be more and I promise to listen to each and every one through community interactions or social media outreach. 

Small Business: I believe that small businesses make a community. Being the grandson and son-in-law of small business owners, MacDonald's Chimney Sweep and Hyde Park Management respectively, I see how they shape communities. It will be my goal to work with small businesses in the district to bring jobs to the district and to support them in their obligations. 

Education: I believe that parents should be happy with sending their children to schools that are based in their neighborhoods. Not only should they be neighborhood based but also a safe place for their children. I support keeping students in schools close to home and will support any policies that adhere to that standard. 

Safety: Policing the community is a top priority. Families in the district need to feel safe and secure in their neighborhoods. I will work very closely with the District's police forces to ensure that each resident is protected and has the sense of safety in their homes. I will also work close with the Mayor and discover ways to lower gun violence crimes. 

Creativity: I am a firm believer in the arts. Music, artwork, theater are just a few examples of programs that bring communities together and show what the community is all about. As councilor I will ensure that arts programs are protected and enact new policies to help arts programs grow in the district. 

District Infrastructure: Where we drive, walk, and play are key components to a healthy District. As councilor I will work with other departments to ensure that our roadways and sidewalks and parks are clean and up to date. Also as councilor, I will work with State Reps to build a dog park in our community to ensure our pets are happy as well. 

Housing: This issue is a strong one for most residents. Projects to build more housing in Readville have been met with some push and pull. I am for more housing but I believe there needs to be stricter policies and more enforcement which as councilor I will try my best to make sure they happen before any developer breaks ground. Roadways and traffic signals as well as traffic flow need to be upgraded and the infrastructure needs to be improved if such projects are approved. If such projects are approved, our community members who own or want to start a new business should have first preference over outsourced businesses. Many aspects of the development process need to be thoroughly analyzed before anything is approved and as councilor I will work with developers to make sure the community is happy and that the projects incorporate their concerns.


Committee to Elect Justin Murad
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